bug reporting

• Nov 16, 2018 - 20:13

It says on the forum to learn how to report a bug before doing so...
bug 1 - following that link takes you to a set of support docs, I searched these for 'report bug' and got zero results.
bug2 - scores that used to look fine on my ipad are now illegible due to bad layout problems. These same scores still look perfect on my mac.

Thanks for reading...


Which link are you seeing a problem with? If I go to the main issue tracker page (either via Help / Report a Bug from within MuseScore, or Support / Issue Tracker on this site), then press "Add new issue", I see a page that invites me to "read the instructions". When I click that link, I get to this page:


Which is exactly what it says it is and should be.

However, all of this applies to the MsueScore editor program on your computer. For issues with the score sharing website musescore.com or the mobile apps that access it, the place to go is msuescore.com, not here (musescore.org).

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