Score too large and Palette issues

• Jul 17, 2014 - 19:25

MuseScore 1.3
Windows 7

I created a new score today from scratch. File .mscz is attached, no music has yet been entered.

When I view this score in MuseScore, it is very large, and spread out over 11 pages even though I chose the default 32 bars. I have not changed the default zoom.

Also, when I open palettes and select a particular item (eg., Fingerings) the text is so large that the choices overlap each other. This does not happen every time or for every palette item.

In either case, is there a setting I've overlooked?



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Bolero_Opus_26_Guitar_Mandolin.mscz 1.74 KB


You messed up with the spatium in Layout -> Page Settings -> Spatium. It should be 1.764 and not 7.164mm. The spatium is the space between two lines of the staff, everything scales according to it.

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Hello Shoichi,

Thank you, your suggestions solved this problem.

Meantime, if I open Lines or Fingerings in the Palette, the choices are too large and overlap each other. Why does this happen? Thanks again,


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