Audioclip processing

• Nov 25, 2018 - 16:38

Have used Musescore for several years as a help to my self-taught piano efforts. The site has been invaluable.

Does anyone out there know of a means to convert a single-note melody line, e.g. from YouTube, to notation on the screen?


Regarding audio to sheet music:

Also see:

Using an audio file of a single note melody line recorded from YouTube may give decent results compared to trying to 'unscramble' a full symphonic score with tons of percussion.
That is, if you can get the audio clip into MusicXML (or even MIDI), it can be opened in MuseScore for further editing and clean-up.

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Again, my thanks- won't get to try this before tomorrow, looking forward to it. I have this piece in Musescore, don't remember just where I got it. The arrangement I have is very similar, and to my ear this tune sounds better without a ton of added embellishments. But I did add a minimal intro. The ending in my version is somewhat leaden, and with your tips I believe I can stitch in the ending from that clip.

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