• Nov 28, 2018 - 23:52

I'm trying to install XML2IMPRO-VISOR.js as a plugin in Musescore on Windows 10. The goal is to export Impro-VIsor leadsheets from Musescore.
I believe the plugin was written in javascript for Musescore in Linux. I've put both the .js file and the .zip files in %HOMEPATH%\Documents\MuseScore2\Plugins but the plugin manager doesn't see it.
Am I doing something wrong or is the plugin not compatible with the WIndows versions of Musescore?
Thanks - Elliot


It plugin isn't compatible with version 2 of Musescore. The extension for version 2 plugins is .qml. That's why you had to change from the 2.x filter to see it.

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Yes. You can find version 1.3 at https://ftp.osuosl.org/pub/musescore/releases/MuseScore-1.3/. Download the MuseScore-1.3.msi file for windows. Double click it if it doesn't automatically start to install. It won't know that version 2 exists, so you can't copy between the two or open version 2 scores with it, which sounds like it won't be an issue since you want to convert xml to anther format. If you have a version 2 score you want to convert, export it to MusicXML, change the .musicxml extension to .xml and you will be able to use version 1 for these conversions.

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