using PDFtoMUSIC XML export as input to Musescore ?

• Nov 29, 2018 - 21:21

Has anyone had experience (good/bad) using PDFtoMusic by Myriad to convert pdf scores into XML and then opening them in Musescore? Myriad states that it works quite well on scores that were created by "scoring programs." The open/import into PDFto Music of pdf seems to work in that I can view it, scale it, play it. But the XML export gives "red splotches" all over the TAB staff in Musescore. I was about to purchase it, but now....I am trying a "trial" version. Their "support" eM does not answer.

I did not want to waste forum members time by attaching the XML in Q.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Dick Penny


I've used the demo version a long time ago and it worked quite well. But Tab staves are probably something they don't handle well, if at all.

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