Finding errors when exporting (XML, PDF, ?)

• Jul 18, 2014 - 14:05


when exporting tp XML or PDF, and I think other formats, I sometimes see messages like:

illegal slurSegment

unknown text subtype 0

pitch2xml problem: alter 11 step 3(line 10) octave 3 clef 0(offset 0)
(IIRC thats a B#/Cb confusion)

</usr/share/mscore-1.2/styles/stdchords.xml>:line:4075 col:18 Tuplet:Measure:Staff:museScore:: Unknown Node <selected>, type 1
(That line and char do not exist in that file; that char does not exist in the xml file)

I haven't worked out how to find the item in the score that causes these errors.

Any advice is welcome.

Oh yes .. mscore 1.2 on Ubuntu 12.04LTS.




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