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• Jul 18, 2014 - 21:52

Hi. I'm still new to musescore and have been playing around with various instruments trying to figure them out. One percussion instrument I'm having trouble with is called a thunder sheet. No matter what I do it won't let me placing any notes. I want to figure it out because I might want to use it in my next piece.

Can anybody give me a hand on how it works? Or if nobody knows how to work it could you suggest other instruments to simulate thunder?

I'm on a mac pro using Musescore 1.3.




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Hi. Thanks for the score. I manage to listen to it and am still not sure if it's what I want. I tried to replicate it in Musescore, but the bars look way different. See the attached picture without notes to illustrate. I still think I'm doing something totally wrong. When I did manage to paste notes in from another piece, I got weird sound effects including a whistle and a whirring clacking noise from one of those old noise makers you spin around.

If I can't get this to work can you guys suggest something else to simulate thunder. I'm looking for something that can go from a low distant rumble to loud crack of thunder.

Thanks for your help.


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Have you figured out how to enter notes for other percussion instruments? In particular, have you read Drum notation in the Handbook and/or watched the tutorial videos on the main page of this site? Hint: you have to click a note or rest in the staff before entering note entry mode. As far as I can see, Thundersheet works exactly like the other percussion instruments in this respect.

If after reading that and following the instructions you still have problems, please post the score you are having problems with and describe exactly, step by step, what you are doing, what you expect to see happen, and what happens instead.

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