Repeated string notes delayed on playback

• Dec 9, 2018 - 09:06


I've noticed that bowed strings tend to playback slightly late if they are repeating a note, especially with the violoncello, some notes moreso than others.
This includes notes which are part of a chord; different notes are played on time and repeated notes come in slightly behind them.
This behaviour is evident in both MS v2.3.2 and MS v3 Beta (Nov 28).

I assume this is working as intended. It plays the first note to its full length, then checks if the next note is the same, and adds a short break between if it is, so that it's not tied; if it's not the same note it plays with no break and we get a lovely flowing movement.
Unfortunately the delayed start to the same note can be rather jarring, and not how it would be played.

I'd recommend, if possible, shortening the first note and having the repeated notes come in on time.


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Nice theory, but there is nothing so subtle going on :-). It's just a matter of trying to find a sample for stringed instruments that find the right balance between a strong enough attack to be heard for fast notes, but a slow enough one to sound good in legato passages. The samples are played as is, though, no special processing to change the length or attack. Maybe you are perceiving the extra "tail" on the non-repeated notes that is part of the "release" phase of the sample, or perhaps you are hearing the reverb the synthesizer adds by default.

Anyhow, what I'm saying is, I think your ears are playing tricks on you. These notes all start when they are supposed to. They have a slower attack than you might prefer in that repeated passage, but this sounds better in other context. Can't have it both ways, unfortunately.

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