Note Spacing of Tremolo

• Dec 9, 2018 - 13:47

I think there are not better situations about note spacing with Tremolo.
In the Tremolo between two notes, the tremolo notes are spaced as two notes which length are 1/2 of themselves in MuseScore. It is bacically right. but in some situations it is not good.
See this pictue.
The 1st measure is the normal spacing of Tremolo notes in MuseScore2.
The 3rd measere is better spacing of Tremolo.
The 1st and 2nd measures show they are same spacing. The 3rd and 4th are also same spacing.

I think Tremolo between 2 notes should be spaced as one note which length are the total of 1st and 2nd notes of the tremolo(for example, the dotted half note at the 4th measure in the picture). And then if tremolo notes are the minimum on the beat, it should be spaced as two notes which are 1st and 2nd notes of tremolo (for example, the two of 8th notes on 4th beat of the 4th measure in the picture).

By the way, I don't like MuseScore3 because it doesn't allow me to use the trick that I'm using in MS2. I won't use MS3 because it is too hard to adjust note spacing in some situation...


This definitely needs discussion, you make some very good points, though I disagree slightly.

I agree that the spacing needs to be based upon the base notes, which is measure 2 in your picture. You're measure 4 does not break the first tremolo to two sets of dotted 1/4 notes. You make a mistake when you say the spacing should be based upon the first note only. The space in the first measure between the second and third quarter notes in the bass is a mistake.

When you add tremolos, there should be no difference in spacing from where there are no tremolos. It looks as though the third quarter note is being placed due to the first note in the tremolo being displayed as a dotted half plus an 8th note rather than a dotted quarter note, which it truly is. The spacing for the 8th note tremolo is as though the notes are quarter notes, which is what they look like.

tremolo spacing.PNG

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Thanks for reply. Yes, this needs a lot discussion and I want many opinions. And I think there are some answers about spacing of tremolo. I think it is important that MuseScore gives us some choices to do note spacing.

When I put many measures in a system, it looks not beautifull for me if all tremolo notes based the base notes. See the upper system in this picture. I think the tremolo note on the 4th beat has too short space if the spacing is based the base notes. It should be given more space like the lower system in the picture. I think the spacing of the lower system is more beautifull than the upper. So I want to use 2 ways for the tremolo spacing.

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I agree with most of what you have said here. When there are no tremolos, there is normally extra space inserted in the measure for the second 8th note on a beat. This does not seem to be happening in the top picture you made. The space between the quarter notes is the same as that between the last quarter note and the bar line. The bottom picture has the extra space expected. As I said previously, the inclusion of tremolos should not eliminate the necessary space for the notes. That is why I suggested the spacing be based upon the base note, which in the case of the first tremolo listed is a dotted quarter, this is the note the user actually entered. I will admit that the spacing on the quarter notes in the bass is good. The algorithm should make it look like the bottom picture, but I can live with too much space between the 2nd and 3rd quarter notes better than not enough space after the 4th one.

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