Javescript bindings for playback volume, playback tempo and page dimensions

• Jul 19, 2014 - 19:20

Dae MuseScore community,

I'm writing a plugin that makes randomly-generated piano music for the purpose of sight-reading training, which you will find attached. (It's very rudimentary -- I have a number of planned features not yet implemented.)

The plugin is able to open a new score and write a "melody" and "counterpoint," which I play in MuseScore while playing along on my piano. But first I have to manually open the Play panel to set the tempo and raise the volume, and open Page Settings to shrink the page. (If I lower the page height from 297mm to 190mm, the pages scroll nicely such that I can always see the next bar. On the default page height, I sometimes can't see the next line until the play head reaches it, so I can't read ahead.)

Before I even think about submitting this plugin, I want to add (among other things) a GUI that conveniently remembers and sets these parameters for the user. So, my feature request is Javascript bindings for setting a score's volume, tempo and page dimensions from plugin code.

Thanks for considering this.
- Chris from Canada

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