Testing out Musescore 3

• Dec 13, 2018 - 20:47

I've been testing out Musescore 3 and I am making a new score with it. I absolutely love the new slick design, it looks awesome. There's some bugs that are placed here and there, and sometime there's just some that make me EXTREMELY frustrated and angry.
One of the bugs I've been experiencing today is that my score will crash after 6 seconds of playing, no matter what. Sometimes when I load the score it crashes after playing. There are also other times where Musescore will randomly crash, after using the synthesizer, changing instruments, or moving notes. A lot of the other users don't get as many crashes as me which is really annoying. When I tried to report a crashing bug one time, the devs couldn't recreate the issue. A crash log of sorts would be a great addition.
One problem I see is that you can't play a score in continuous view, It will skip to a random note and play that note then get stuck on it. That will happen multiple times. If you click on a rest it will continue playing from that rest and work.
Sometimes, when changing key signatures the key signature will duplicate and you'll have two of the same key signatures next to eachother.
So far Musescore 3 is great and I can't wait to see single-note crescendos. Hope you all are liking it too :D


For MS3 issues, I think JoJo would really like us to post in the development forum.

For playback, try turning off autosave.

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