Slur positions over ascending/descending semibreve scales is incorrect

• Dec 16, 2018 - 08:48

From what I understand, Marc Sabetella recently created a pull request that improved slur positions. Unfortunately, as of the latest beta (December 14, 2018) there are still issues with slurs and ascending/descending scales compromised of semibreves i.e. whole notes. I think a screenshot or two will help:


Here, the slur for the scale in the left hand is correct, but the slur in the right hand is positioned too high by default.


And here in the descending scale, both slurs are positioned too high by default.


Yes, I noticed that while working on getting articulations under the slurs, which is another pending PR. I mostly focused on articulations but at least some cases involving whole notes got better as a side effect. Once that PR is merged we can look at whatever cases are still left.

I forgot to mention - try turning off autoplace, then it snaps back down.

I think I know what's happening, and it's not specifically about whole notes (semibreves) although that will be the most obvious case. The autoplace algorithm tries to avoid crossing barlines. Obviously, this makes no sense when barlines connect staves, but it's basically checking the barline on the staff. And if a collision is detected, t just puts the entire slur above the staff.

Thanks for reminding me about this, I lost track of it while working on articulations (I did fix some other issues specific to whole notes though). I just filed an official bug report - see #280220: Slurs not allowed to cross barlines, leading to placement far from notes

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