Help With Drum Part Please

• Jul 21, 2014 - 01:33

I'm trying to write a drum part in MuseScore. A few measures have triplets masquerading as quintuplets. See 'drumbeat.mscx.'

Is it a RULE that the bass drum has its stem going down and the snare and cymbal stems go up? Proceeding from that assumption, I am trying to achieve the effect in the attached PDF. If I try to write this in MuseScore (eliminating the beams and flipping the stems), the triplet brackets go out of control. example.pdf

Is it OK to just leave the triplets beamed as triplets and forget about making the stems go example.pdf this way or that?

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The PDF doesn't make musical sense - it has a time signaturw of 3/4 but clearly shows six beats. Is there a reason you are trying to do this?

There is no "rule" that says bass drum is always stem down and snare & cymbals. Different editors have different conventions. One common one one is that anything you do with your foot is down, anything with hands up. Another common one is to put everything in the same voice, all stems in same direction. But what matters is whether the perspn who ultimately has to read your score will be able to make sense out of it.

If I did need to reproduce your score *exactly*, I'd probably enter it all in one voice, break all the beams, and force the stems down for the bass drum if necesaary. In your example, select the notes then double click the No Beam icon in the beams palette to break the beams, then manually adjust the brackets. But the result would be harder, no easier, to read than what you have already. So I'd have to have a *really* good reason to do that (like maybe I hate the drummer and want to make life miserable).

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