Conversion to MP4

• Dec 18, 2018 - 19:25

Can someone comment on any progress in converting scores with audio track to MP4? Thanks....


If you're using Win10, you can record screen video/audio using the GameBar. (Win+G) I've done a few that way. You might have to adjust the score zoom settings and/or close unneeded program features to reduce screen clutter.


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Win+G GameBar seems like a good solution, but how do you adjust the captured area? You mentioned the zoom settings in MuseScore, but is there any way to just display the (moving) score with the blue cursor? All I seem to be able to do is capture the full MuseScore screen. Thanks for any help...

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Those are good questions. I only found this solution as I had no interest in sharing my scores on Youtube via the platform, but occasionally found the need to show a score with real-time video. It is a compromise at best, which is why I de-clutter the display as much as possible before creating the video. It would be great if there was a way to create the score-only video locally, but this works for what I need for the time being. I'm not sure what you mean by "(moving) score with the blue cursor". My captured videos follow the scores as they play, with a blue line through the current score position.

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I was just referring to the normal playback display. The reason I added this qualifier is that it is possible to use Win+G to capture the full screen, but this includes all the MuseScore taskbars and controls. WIthin MuseScore, you can capture the screen or any portion of it, but not when it's playing.

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I believe Game mode works well for gamers who like to record and/or stream their sessions, but as Musescore is not a game, the record function records the whole application screen, not just the active portion. (It doesn't record the Windows toolbar.) Beyond that, I really don't know what I'm talking about. I'd be really happy if someone a little more tech-minded could weigh in on the situation.

one program I use is obs (open broadcaster software) where you can add video source for a window and select the musescore window, or you can add a video source for desktop and select a particular area. You can record to disk in addition to streaming.

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