how to force instrument abbreviation

• Dec 20, 2018 - 19:12

I used the Shift-{ feature to squeeze the horizontal size of some measures so that 4 measures fit on a line.
Yes this is ugly, but I want it to match the physical score I'm entering.
However, when I press Shift-{ enough times to make the measures fit, musescore spells out the instrument names rather than abbreviating them. Normally, this should only happen in the first measure of the score, not the first measure of a page. How can I fix this?

I'm using version 53d4ad2.

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In the 1st measure and after a section break. From this picture we can't see what it is, so you'd need to share the score

your version 53d4ad2. is 2 years old... you should really upgrade to 2.3.2

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  1. First of all remove that antedeluvian development build from your computer (which you never ever should have been using for any serious production work anyhow).
  2. Then install tha compatibility build (MuseScoreSpecial-2018-09-20-0902-master-c07ed54-300-file-format.dmg), to convert your scores from file format 3.00 to 3.01 (open every score created with that old build and save).
  3. Then install the RC (released some minutes ago).
  4. Upgrade to whatever MuseScore offers you (which 3.0 will do every now and then)

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Oh, I think I understand the flow. I need to run the compatibility version every time the beta version has trouble opening a score?

What should happen in the compatibility version? In my case it complains that the score is "corrupted" and allows me to ignore the corruption and open anyway.

So when I ignore, it seems to load fine. Then when I save it and try to open it in the beta version, it again complains that it is "corrupt", and allows me to ignore. When I press "ignore" it seems to load fine.

Is that what should normally happen? Or does that mean something else is wrong?

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I wonder what the Mac user should expect when he downloads the beta version and installs it. I'm not an expert (as most mac users are not). But when I download the beta version, and then as ask the mac to run musescore, it only shows me one version. So I have believed for the past several months to be running the beta version, when in reality I was running some nightly build which as you point out is several years old.

I wonder whether I'm the only person that this has happened to?

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I again downloaded the beta version and was able to start it. However, the beta version refused to load the score. Screen Shot 2018-12-22 at 12.29.37.png

So I again ran the older version and exported musicxml, and that loaded in the beta version.
Now, I can't reproduce the instrument abbreviation problems. It seems for the moment that the problem is fix. That's good news.

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This gives me an interesting thought. It would be nice (although horribly difficult to implement), if there were a web service which given any musescore score, the user could upload it, and download the musicxml. The web service could look at which version the score was created with, and if it recognizes the version it could import it and export the musicxml. This would allow the user to recover most of the score, even some things are lost.

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