Faulty Pdf file from Musescore.org

• Dec 25, 2018 - 07:25

I am not sure this is the right place for this question but I do not find a forum about the software on Musescore.com.

I have been in the habit of using Musescore.com to generate Pdf files because the files exported directly from Musescore (attached below) are absurdly large with my MacOS Yosemite (in the case in question 10 Mb vs. 633 kb). This is the first time there is a problem with this: The Pdf file has the right margin cut off, i.e. the staves end at the paper's edge. This of course is not usable (no binding possible).

The piece in question is an Overture by the German composer Emilie Mayer if you want to check it out on Musescore.org.

Thanks for any help you can offer.

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Emilie_Mayer_Ouverture_d_score.pdf 633.64 KB


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Oops! My Mac is too old for version 3. I guess I don't need to check the layout...
I am still curious what went wrong with the .com Pdf conversion. I am attaching my score here so if anybody is curious they can check if there are any weird things I did that might cause the problem (I changed the scale factor to get the score to fit on the page but I have done that several times before without having this problem).

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Ouverture in d-minor.mscz 105.04 KB

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