MS 3: chord symbol - global style properties

• Dec 28, 2018 - 19:59

I can't seem to change the global style properties of chord symbols that are already on the staff.
Changes made in Format > Style > Text Styles > Chord Symbol are not automatically applied (as was the case in MS2).
The only way I have currently figured out is by selecting all the chord symbols that I want the updated style to be applied to, then change the style to something else and then back to 'Chord Symbol'.

Is this a bug? Or is there something I'm missing?


Text style changes to all elements using that text style, should be applied unless you've overridden them for some particular element. If you are experiencing a case where this isn't so, we would need you to attach your score in order to understand and assist better.

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Hi Marc,
Thanks for your quick response!
I just found out that after reloading the file the changes are applied...

I attached a simple MS3 file. 4 chords symbols without any individual style overrides.
Then I did some global style changes (Format > Style > Text Styles > Chord Symbol) like font face, font size, vertical offset... None of them were applied on the spot, but after closing and reopening the file they were.

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