Am I on the right track with sound fonts?

• Dec 29, 2018 - 03:49

I'm a jazz drummer, trying to find a sound for sustained sweeping brushes like in attached sample. No sound font offers this. I've looked at editing one of default SF2/SF3 sound fonts to replace just one instrument globally, but found common editors like Polypnone or Vienna/Viena VERY confusing to use.

Anyway, the idea is to replace SF2/3 the MuseScore comes with with an SFZ type of sound font because all the sound samples (.wav files) are exposed and available for replacement by my own I can easily record.

I wish MuseScore would come with at least one default .SFZ sound font, but it doesn't. My question is:
Is it really as simple to globally replace how a given instrument (brushes in my case) sounds as just replace a .wav file? If so, is there any downloadable generic ready-to-use in MuseScore SFZ sound font similar to default MuseScore_General.sf3 the program comes with? If not, is there a more-less straight forward way to convert one into another (sf2 or sf3 to sfz) so all existing scores I created still sound the same after global replacement of sound font type?

Any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance!


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You could try adding a SFZ file with Zerberus instead of replacing such a file with the default soundfont. If you still want to stick to the default soundfont, you could mimic your way out with Sand Blocks or Shakers (I don't believe these are the direct instrument names, but I think there's something close to those).

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