How to prevent musescore from automatically compressing and combining bars

• Dec 30, 2018 - 03:36

How can I stop musescore from automatically compressing and combining new bars that I append to a score? I want to append some bars but musescore is combining and compressing them. *See pic How can I undo this so I get seperate bars?

Thank you

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Comments your pallette (F9)
2.go to "Breaks & Spacers" and click on the arrow in front of those words to see the "Breaks & Spacers" options
3. Click on the first note of the last bar that you want on that page (one measure before where it will break at the cut off point for the end of that page)
3. Click on the first option in the upper left corner (should be an arrow going straight down and then pointing to the left... or a right angle with an arrow pointing left at the left end of the horizontal bottom line of that right angle)

it's not automatic but you can space things out however you want. I believe this document will show an example of breaking or spacing...I had the scale of a key take up the whole line to spread out all the note degrees of a scale, then I made examples of the same chord progression ( I- IV-V-1 ) using different inversions for multiple examples of the same chord progression for the second line, then did the same with chord progression (ii-V-I) for the third line for C Major....Then did the same thing with D major for lines 4-6, etc. You can see how the spacing is controlled to whatever you want to do for spacing

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