Musescore 3 Crashes When Attempting to Fill a Multi-Measure Rest With Slashes/"Restore Session" Forgets Most Recent Action(s?)

• Dec 30, 2018 - 04:29

So I tried filling in a multimeasure rest with slashes on an instrument part because I wanted the chord changes to be visible, but the program just crashed. When I reopened it, it offered to restore my previous session and I tried it again, but after a few tries, the part sheets disappeared, and I just had the full score. I had made several changes between creating the parts and trying to add the slashes, so I'm not sure how many actions were lost. When trying to recreate this issue, I thought I would need multiple instruments to create a multi-measure rest, but realized I didn't, so I deleted the second instruments. After attempting to add the slashes and the program crashing, the second instrument had returned.

recreate crash:
1. Create score with single staff and multiple measures
2. Select "Create multimeasure rests"
3. Select a multimeasure rest and click "Fill With Slashes"
System will crash
4. Reopen Musescore 3
It will offer to restore your previous session.
5. Click "Yes"
The score will be gone and the Start Center will open.


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