Why does clef change not effect measures after it?

• Jan 1, 2019 - 22:05

So I am transcribing Spring from The Four Seasons and have ran into a bit of an issue. I didn't have this issue when I changed the bass clef line to treble clef. But now that it is back to bass clef, it should automatically be giving me bass clef pitch(so like E3). But it doesn't. It is still giving me treble clef pitch when I press a key. So when I press E, it is giving me E5 which means I have to press ctrl-down twice to get it to E3. Then the rest of the notes I put in as usual. It then starts giving me treble clef pitch again at the next measure. I didn't have such issues with clef changes in Musescore 2.3 If I changed to bass clef, I would automatically get bass clef notes, not treble clef notes notated in bass clef. I don't want to have to press ctrl-down every time I reach another measure just because I changed from bass clef to treble clef then back to bass clef.

Here is the transcription so far. You can see that if you input a note in one of the measures past the change to bass clef, you get the note in the treble clef notated in bass clef. So you get lots of ledger lines. E, the note I am trying to put in, is a whole 2 octaves above bass clef, not in the bass clef. So you can see how frustrating it must be to get the note to the pitch I want it to, only to have it 2 octaves higher in the next measure.

The Four Seasons.mscz


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