How to extract entire handbook (or individual pages) in markdown-style format

• Jan 1, 2019 - 23:11


Is there an existing easy way to save a copy of the entire handbook (or of individual pages) in the markdown-style format that is used when editing or translating the handbook pages?

I've written a little AutoIt script that facilitates it (still time-consuming... taking about 20 minutes to extract the entire handbook), but I thought I'd ask if there is some existing utility that I had overlooked.



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Thanks. I see you can also get a print-friendly HTML export of individual nodes (by number).

However, this only offers HTML, not the markdown-like format used when editing/translating the pages. When I try to replace "html" in the URL with other things like "mk" or "text", I get an error message telling me it is an unsupported export format. Does that mean that there are other export formats available apart from HTML?

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