Hearing the whole ensemble when I just want to hear one part

• Jan 3, 2019 - 05:39

I'm trying to hear an individual instrument in a piece I'm writing (in musescore 3) so I created parts for all of the instruments. When I go into the individual instrument's part to try and hear just what it sounds like and hit play, I can hear the entire ensemble. Any idea as to how I can isolate the individual voice of one part?


I have the same problem. When I use "File - > Parts" and I create a Part for a single instrument or multiple instruments I also keep hearing the non selected instruments or the whole ensemble.

For me this is a no go. Luckily I still have the old version of Musescore 2.3

Using the mixer is not a good work around because I also want to create mp3 files of the different parts. It will be to time consuming using the mixer this way.

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