MuseScore 3.0 cannot be run

• Jan 5, 2019 - 21:37

MuseScore 3.0 cannot be run, always crashes.

Therefore, I must disable the sound card driver first, then run MuseScore. In Preferences -> I/O, I have to turn off PortAudio, turn on JACK and restart MuseScore. Then MuseScore works, but there is no sound. When I turn on PortAudio, MuseScore crashes.

I have a Maya44 PCI sound card, Windows 10.


I just downloaded MuseScore 3.0 but it said 'this installation package is not supported by this processor type." I am running Windows 10 and have been using the previous version of MuseScore up till yesterday. What can I do?

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This means that indeed it is a 32bit Windows, so can't running any 6rbit application. But the PC would be capable of running a 64bit Windows. That would require a complete reinstall though. Installing a 32bit operating system on a 64bit capabal computer is a pretty bad idea...
But cure will come, a 32bit version of MuseScore 3 is planned.

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Thanks for your help and encouragement. As for your comment, ' Installing a 32bit operating system on a 64bit capabal computer is a pretty bad idea...' I had stayed with Win XP for as long as I could. Then my computer decided for itself to 'upgrade' to win 10. I came into the room to find it underway, and thought that if I tried to interrupt the change I'd probably cause myself no end of grief. So I let it run to completion, and have just put up with W10 ever since. What else can you do, if you're not a computer whizz who can solve their own issues? I will check out the possibility of upgrading to a 64 bit system.

I have encountered the same issue with a Prismsound Lyra 2 audio interface. MS3 can be run with a "-s" CLI option, then I have to disable PortAudio in preferences. MS2 works fine, but I have already upgraded my score to V3 : (

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Yes, I have an older version of that score in V2 format, and I can work on the newer upgraded one with audio interface disconnected, or on another laptop. So it doesn't really matter much for me, but still annoying.
I would like to provide helps to trace the bug. I have experiences with C++ and Qt programming on other projects.

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