Staccato in abbreviations

• Jan 6, 2019 - 21:24

Dear Sirs
I'm writing a song in the music editor and I came across a difficulty, the study makes an abbreviation of 4 semiquaves (sixteenth notes) in a quarter note and represents the semiquaver with abbreviation signal , it also puts the staccato, but represents a staccato point for each semiquaver. In our musescore I can only put one point for each quarter note. I will send the attached graphics to facilitate the understanding
Roberto Dal Medico


To get proper playback, put the normal staccato on every note that needs is as though there were no tremolo (abbreviation) on it. Any notes where you do not want to see the staccato select. Click the first and shift + click the last. Right click the staccato and choose Select all similar elements in selection and press V to make them invisible. It's best to make the staccato invisible on the notes that will get the multiple dots also.

To add the multiple dots, select a note and press Z. In the search box start typing "tremolo" until you can find the dots you need and double click them. Click the X to close the master palette then press alt+shift+e to put the dots in edit mode (you may not be able to see them at this point) then use ctrl+ the up or down arrows as appropriate to put them in the correct place. Press esc or click an empty spot to exit edit mode.

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