Any SAFE Sites w/ FREE Soundfonts?

• Jan 7, 2019 - 09:31

Really, it seems that EVERY SINGLE TIME i search for soundfonts, a pop up with no reputation blasts my face, a virus tries to infect my computer, a bear breaks into my room, and a nuclear missile sets off and becomes the harbinger of WW3.

The only site that seemed to be safe did not, well uhh, have any soundfonts.

So yeah, any place i can get some soundfonts without starting a nuclear holocaust?


I'm not aware of your experience...did you start here? In our soundfont section?
scroll down to downloadable soundfonts
While I don't care for much of it, many people like the Aegean for orchestral

The musescore default is now improved
I d/l from that site on my ver 2.3.2 I hear it is default on v 3
I tested the string sections here in the Made with Musescore part of the forum
(strings pizz. , slow, fast)

I also use symphonic sounds

her link to it on top of page (really fine woodwinds especially) I use this font along with the new musescore default

I searched elsewhere and found nothing better for free (my opinion) I can't recall the sites, but no IEDs went off. :-)

Good luck - I know it's important

I've never run into problems searching for soundfonts. Soundfonts are harmless, just don't download any self extracting zip files because you don't know what will happen with them and should never be necessary. If you are searching for a certain sound, search for "Glockenspiel soundfont" or "Glockenspiel sf2" and you should get results that include Glockenspiel sound fonts. If this is what your are doing you may consider using a different search engine.

Also, it should go without saying that you should never use any computer from an "Administrator"-level account. Your accounts should always be "limited." And, you should never "enter an Administrator password" to gain elevated privileges while using any such account.

Malicious software runs with "your" access privileges. Therefore, limit "your access privileges." Computers are very good at saying "no" to a program's request to do something ... and they're stupid when it comes to saying "yes."

You want Versilian Studios:

They have most mainstream instruments and some exotic ones. Many of them are available for free download in SFZ format, which Musescore can often use out of the box. You can convert sfz to sf2 with Polyphone if need be.

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