Repeat Sign

• Jan 11, 2019 - 10:21

Hi All,
I have a difficulty regarding the repeat signs offered in Muse Score.
I am writing out a song with four verses. Three verses are of the same length; the fourth (i.e. the last) is a few bars longer and will need two additional bars at the end of the score.

I don't want to be too complicated, but I want to avoid writing out the words of all the verses under each note of the music.
Clearly, this can be done by using two Repeat brackets. Thus, when the singer reaches the end of each of Verses 1,2 and 3, he/she will follow the direction of the first bracket and will simply go back to the beginning of the music to sing the next verse. For the fourth verse the singer will go straight to the music indicated under the second bracket.
To do this, I would like to add the numerals "1 2 3" under the first bracket. Under the second bracket, I would like to write the numeral "4".
My problem is this:

Muse score offers only two brackets; the first with the number 1, the second with number two.
I would like to erase the numbers to create single (blank) brackets to which I can add the desired numerals.
I can't do it because when I try to delete the numbers, the whole bracket is deleted.
I'm sure there is a simple way out.
Can anyone please help?

Thank you in advance



Take those existing voltas and modify them (via right-click>volta properties in 2.x, via select and Inspector in 3.0), text and repeat list

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