Editing/Updating custom audio in musescore.com

• Jan 12, 2019 - 17:49

Is there a way that I can update the custom audio whenever I update my scores on my profile page? I updated a score file before that had custom audio, but it didn't update the audio with that new file.


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No I mean when updating a score in the musescore.com publishing forums. When I want to update a score on the forums, I go to the link of my score, and then click on "Update this score". But it says nowhere in that section where I can update the audio, and when I do update the file, it only does the actual score and not the audio. So you'll see only an updated score that will have new changes, but in the audio, it doesn't play those new changes. It only plays the old version.

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Changes are made only on the installed software. If you have used a particular soundfont make sure you have selected 'Save to Score' from the Synthesizer.
One solution might be to delete the shared score and save again as mentioned above. But this clears Viewings and downloads.
Be patient, there may be better answers.

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