Exporting and Loading Shortcuts

• Jan 15, 2019 - 22:59

I recently tried to change over to musescore 3, but I have a lot of shortcuts mapped. There is a "load" button but I can't find anything in musescore 2 to export. I've tried exporting the shortcuts as a .pdf but still nothing. The transition between these 2 programs seems to be very frustrating.




I'm using ubuntu studio; you might be using Windows so will have to do some looking, but you basically need to find file called shortcuts.xml and load from that. In ubuntu it is in (user).local/share/MuseScore but any Operating System shoulld have a search facility to find your file.

Note, though, some commands have changed, and new ones exist with their own shortcuts, so it may or may not make sense to just import your shortcuts as is. Might be better in the long run to just redo your customizations starting from the 3.0 defaults.

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