Transition from Musescore 2 to Musescore 3

• Jan 17, 2019 - 18:23

OK. Nice new, clean installation and now I discover that the MuseScore 2 files are not compatible with MuseScore 3. This is NOT a big issue except that I intend to move all my work to MuseScore 3 - all 787 music files.

Is there a simple way to accomplish this? ...or must I open each file individually and resave to the new format?


Might be possible in one go, using a JSON file and the corresponging command line option, see, but a) setting p that JSON is already a task and b) most scores will need tweaks to look as intended.
Unfortunatly my batch export plugin doesn't yet work on 3.0, else this would be a breeze (sort of, needs 3 steps, all mscz to mscx, move those to a different dir, then all mscx to mscz again)
Although there are other batch export methods too, like loopong over all mscz files in a certain dir and running musescore with the -o option against them, one by one

I'd recommend you keep 2.x installed, for minor edits of the old score and only on larger edits convert to 3.0, and of course use 3.0 for new scores.
At least that's why I'm going to do

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You are correct about the minor tweaks and edits.

I use MuseScore for our choir work (which is why there are so many files to change.) My main workstation can handle two versions of the program but I also use a tablet with limited resources so I wish to maintain only a single version if possible.

I will try some of the command-line tools and see what I can do. Fortunately, I have good backups so I can easily restore if I mess it all up.

Thanks for the info.

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