Problem with Musescore3

• Jan 20, 2019 - 14:59

Just installed v.3. Trying to import scores from v.2 and they automatically open in v.3 with various elements out of place. Efforts to correct manually and automatically failing. Help!


It asks you if you want your edits it version 2 to be ignored or not. Try both ways and select the option that looks like less work. The fewer undocumented methods you used to move items around, the more likely you you are to want version 3 to automatically place things. It doesn't save the import until you tell it to.

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MuseScore 2 & 3 will coexist on your computer. MuseScore 3 make formatting a score much easier. On the scores I've tried, I always let version 3 reset the positions and most of the time I'm quite pleased with the results. There are still a couple of critical bugs that need to be worked out, so don't give up on it. Try it out with new scores, there's no compelling reason to import older scores unless you are still working on them, but you still have the option of finishing them in version 2. As you well know, we're here to help you understand new features.

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Thanks for the input. I'm more than pleased to have Musescore, and as such, send periodic donations. I use the program to arrange existing scores in conjunction with trying to learn to play the piano with no suitable teacher available. I did see some unwanted linkage between v.2 and v.3 when opening a score, but perhaps that was my fault. As stated, I'll stick with 2 for now, but I'll never say never re the update.

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