Activate/Deactivate the Musescore-Synth temporarily !?

• Jan 20, 2019 - 16:49

Hello Community,

the issue I have is:
When I switch between Musescore and my DAW (Cubase) I want the Musescore-Synth to be silent while working in my DAW, means while Musescore is running in the Background.
The only thing I found to make Musescore silent is the MIDI-Button.
If I click it I don't hear any sound of Musescore anymore.
But if I click the button once again, the MIDI-input of Musescore seems to remain deactivated, 'cause there isn't any sound of the internal Synth noticeable.
The only possibility to reset the Sound-Device is the restart Musescore.
Is there any other option to deactivate the internal Synth temporarily?

Thxs a lot, best,


In reply to by Marc Sabatella

Hello Marc,
thxs a lot...

yes, I know these options,
a) to turn the volume down every time I need Musescore to be muted (means every time I change to Cubase and back, and this causes a lot of time) would be much work... ;-) and
b) if I'd remove the soundfont I wouldn't hear anything out of Musescore anymore (would I ?) , and that's not desired either...

It wouldn't be a problem to do one mouseclick to make Musescore be silent... but which one? :-D

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