Musescore 3.01 Congrats

• Jan 21, 2019 - 15:05

Thank you for all code writers and users who have improved Musescore. It still has bugs and improvements to be worked through, but this is a great step forward. This is now in reality a pro program. The magnetic feature to handle collisions and many other improvements. I still have to review instrument parts, but notice not much editing has to be done. One issue is exporting musicxml. Finale doesn't agree on staff spacing. I have to use staff tool and re-space staves. The fonts improved when I installed Freeserif and Freesans into my system. Finale reads these OK now and not defaults to Arial. Importing musicxml from Finale, the double bars are not extended through score, nor the finale barline at end of score. I worked around this by inserting bar and copying contents to new bar and deleting the bar the is messed up. This works great with double barlines and the final barline of score. These and other issues will probably be solved in time.

I have arthritis in my hands really bad. When I was editing with Finale, especially all the needless mousing, even with their keyboard shortcuts, hurt my hands. Musescore is really Ergonomic friendly and much easier on the hands.

Keep it up please.

Thanks again and Best regards to all.
Hadley Hazen

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