[SOLVED] (MuseScore 3) Cannot change the MIDI voice of an instrument in the Mixer if said instrument is the product of an Instrument Change

• Jan 21, 2019 - 21:51

I want to have a pitched percussion part that changes between Vibraphone and bowed Crotales (synthesized using a custom instrument), but the changed instrument does not show up in the Mixer for me to change the MIDI voice. Am I simply overlooking something? Thanks.

Edit: Solved! Apparently there is a dropdown on top of the instrument that displays all of the instrument changes on a particular part.


If you have Bowed Croatales defined as an instrument in instruments.xml the instrument will be in the mixer if you do a proper instrument change, using the Instrument text (from the text palette. If you modify an existing instrument, then the name in the Instrument field will be listed, but you can still set a sound to it. Crotales is in the list of instruments if you don't know. Use the search box at the bottom left of the instruments list if you can't find it.

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