Musescore 3 Functionality

• Jan 22, 2019 - 05:43

So after updating to Musescore 3, it was undeniable of how slow it ran and how glitchy it is on my computer compared to the latest Musescore 2 version. I really wanted to explore this new version but anytime I open a score and try to input notes or play it, no matter the size, it glitches and stumbles especially with mdl instruments. I have 4gbs of memory; do I need more or what?
Also when transporting large scores made in Musescore 2, it completely ignores any tempo markings or any new ones added.
Edit: the after a few restarts it becomes a bit better with functionality but some score still suck, but the tempos issue still applies depending on the score as well so its hard to pin point.


MDL is not yet supported in MuseScore 3. There are some new capabilities compared to 2.x that require some updates to a few aspects of both MDL and MuseScore software to make sure there is a good experience.

Updates are in progress and hope to get those out soon.

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