Measure Has Too Many Rests

• Jan 24, 2019 - 21:30

Please see attached image -- I'm cutting some notes and pasting them into another instrument, leaving enough in each to perfectly fill the 4/4 measure, but now there are a bunch of useless rests that I haven't been able to get rid off. Searching hasn't helped, I've only found variations on the insistence that there have to be enough rests + notes to fill the measure -- I have enough notes, I'm trying to get rid of the extra rests!

In 3.0.1, although I haven't tried in any previous version. This has probably been answered, if so I'd appreciate a link, thanks!

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With only a picture I can only give a couple of good guesses.

Select a measure with extra rests.

If the rests are green (or not blue), select them and press del to delete them. On at a time or several by adding rests to the selection using ctrl+click works well.

If the rests are Blue and the notes are not, use Tools->Voices->Exchange Voices as follows

1-2 if the notes are green
1-3 if the notes are orange
1-4 if the notes are purple

then delete the rests. This also worked in previous versions.

If this doesn't work attach the .mscz file.

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