unable to join "rest bars/measures"

• Jan 26, 2019 - 03:41

I asked a similar question about MScore 3 and was told it was a bug. So continued with my score in MScore 2.3.2 (OS: Windows , Arch.: x86_64, MuseScore version (32-bit): 2.3.2, revision: 4592407)
and as you'll see from the attached file, I cannot get bars of rests to join with each other (as in, making 12 bars of rest rather than 11 + 1). I have unticked "Create Multi-bar rests" in the instrument's own score and then re-ticked it. Nothing changes. I also saved the file after "unticking" just in case that had some bearing on the outcome. Alas and alack, it didn't.
Highlighting the "11" bars and the "1" bar, then pressing delete doesn't achieve anything either. Nor did drinking a small scotch but it did make me feel a bit better. What has Mr. Stupid here omitted to do?

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At first glance there seems to be no reason for the 11+1 split. We'd need to see the actual score to find a reason for this.

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For some reason you excluded measure 20 from measure count in measure properties. This broke the multi-measure rest. You made the parts after this was done. In order to the fix the parts you either need to remove the check from "Exclude from measure count" on every part, or fix it in the main score and recreate parts. On fixing a part here and the main score will lead to measure numbers being out of whack.

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Thanks for your reply Mike,
Originally I decided to put a rehearsal mark at bar 20,(quite why I have no idea!) which then necessitated me deleting the actual bar number.
Having just read your reply, I have highlighted all the staves at bar 20 in the score and unticked "Exclude from bar count". This puts the number 20 above the bar (hurray) BUT bar 21 then becomes bar 22. (see attached jpg)
Ah I thought, use the 'add to bar number' function. But That only makes matters worse (for me at least).

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To avoid confusion, in the US we say measure rather than bar.

If you don't want a bar number on a certain bar then change the Measure Number mode to Always hide, you can also force to show with Always Show. If you exclude a bar from measure count, then the measure numbering is messed up.

I didn't previously notice that you used "Add to bar count" on the next measure so the count jumps from 20 to 22.

I see what you did now. Every time you wanted a measure number to not be displayed you set the measure to Exclude from measure count, then you fixed the measure number in the next measure by adding 1 to the measure number, when the simple solution with no bad side effects is to change the Measure number mode. Except for measure 20, all of the places you did this, there was already an item that broke a multi-measure rest, so you didn't see the side effects.

You now know the correct (and easier) method for doing this in the future and can either fix or not fix this in the other measures since it doesn't seem to have any other bad side effects.

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Mike, on a slightly different topic (and if the score is still on your computer), there are various bars where the playback treats quavers as crotchets. One instance, for example, happens at bar 33 in the saxes. (That bar plays as a 5/4 bar as far as 'your' ear is concerned)
Have you any ideas as to why that might be happening so that I can fix all the instances?


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