Save vers 3 to 2?

• Jan 29, 2019 - 03:18

In version 3
1. I can't add a measure. Nothing happens
2. I can't drag a staff text. It bounces back to where it was entered.
I don't want to learn all this right now. Really angry I got stuck with a piece in version 3. Just waiting for the next thing I have to learn over.

I just want to save it to version 2 format and get on with my work. I tried copying in 3 and pasting in 2 but it didn't take it.


1 Insert or append seems to work the same way as with V2
2 Select the element, open Inspector uncheck 'Automatic placement'
Export as xml, open it with V2 and save.
Today should arrive 3.0.2 who knows?

  1. You don't say what went wrong, as mentioned, nothing has changed here. To insert a measure, first select the measure you want to insert in front of. To append, just append. both work fine. If you're experiencing a problem, please attach your score and describe in more detail.
  2. Dragging works fine as long as you don't try to collide with something else - MsueScore 3 is smart enough to prevent that. if you want the collision, then you can disable autoplace for that element using the Inspector.

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