FLAC file export: can we assign album names and graphics?

• Jan 29, 2019 - 07:22

FLAC files can contain information other than audio and this includes titles, composers, descriptions as well as graphics.

Is it possible to assign these details using Musescore? I could not find a way so at the moment I use 3rd party FLAC file tool to add missing details.

The easiest way I see Musescore to support additional FLAC file would be preserving these details when the FLAC file is overwritten by Musescore export. That way we can assign graphics and other details once and when we update the audio using Musescore export - these details stay in place.

May I please suggest this improvement to Musescore exports? That way Musescore FLAC file exports will show nicely on playback devices and playlists.



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