Possible to squeeze even more when Stretch command doesn't work?

• Jan 31, 2019 - 01:18

I'm brand new here, having just downloaded MuseScore 3, and I've run into a problem with my first application. I've brought in a midi file of a composition of mine, where the first measure contains about a jillion 32nd and 64th notes being played by a flute and vibes. The notes are running off the page and well into the first measure of the second page when viewing the score from the Page View mode. When I click on Continuous View, everything is fine. But since one of my goals is to be able to print out legible copy of this piece, I have to be able to do something about that first measure.

I read up on the Stretch command, and how it can do the opposite of stretch (squeeze, I suppose), and I learned how to select the content, which I did. I then tried the "squeeze" command: { or, alternatively, from the menu, and neither worked. So it would appear that MuseScore was smart enough to display the notation at maximum squeeze and just let it run over off the 1st page's right margins, onto the second page's left margin and then well into measure two.

I've attached a copy of the file so you can look at it to see what I'm talking about and maybe you'll have an idea?

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You need to reduce the scaling in Format->Page settings... There isn't enough stretch in a measure to cram all of those notes into those measures.

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