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Greetings. I want to edit some scores for 4 Hands Piano. In what I know, I need to put one piano "up" or "bellow another. In the books I have, I notice that they edit one piano per page (Piano Secondo, Piano Primo). In the 6 Hands Piano, Is the second > The First, and the 3r bellow them, under the page.
Do you know how can I edit this in Musescore?


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I'll help Shoichi, since he's not real comfortable speaking English.

Your question is a little confusing, probably because of the translation. I think you want to be able to edit each piano on it's own page like in your book. You can create a score with all 3 pianos. You can then go to File->Parts... and create the 3 piano parts. You can then edit each piano on it's own page or all of them at once if you want to.

If this isn't what you mean, then please explain what you want.

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I'm always thankful in other language forums when a native speaker comes to my rescue.

You make very good points about the clefs. One point that has not been said. Changing a clef is as simple as dragging a new one to the location where the clef changes.

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Made with 2.0.3 (2016);
4 Hands=2Piano;
Piano Secondo left hand, 2 Bass clef staves (left page);
Piano Primo right hand, 2 Treble clef (right page).
This score is intended for two players to get each player has his own score in front of him (see image01)
You will have to enter the notes for each player, then hide empty staves.
But if you want to listen or play separately they first enter the notes for one and, to follow the notes for the other or, more simply, extract the Parts.
For 6 hands you will need 3 Pianos. On the overall score, using the Mixer you can listen to one of the instruments by selecting 'Solo'.
I'm afraid my explanation is not very clear.

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