Creating a Choral sheet for voices only

• Feb 1, 2019 - 14:25

Musescore 2 allowed me to set up exactly the voices I wanted which didn't always mean a tenor and bass section as the men sometimes sing in harmony throughout a piece so I set my score accordingly. I can't see how Musescore 3 allows you to do that. It is starting to remind me of Word and all the so called automatic 'help' it gives you which actually gets in the way of what you want to do.

What am I missing, thought I'd try 3 again today but will be going back to 2 for the time being as the mixer is still HUGE and not as easy to navigate.


Forgive me, Musescore, I just sat down and started again and after a couple of trial and errors found out how to make a bespoke score. The mixer is still a problem and the Navigator panel has some serious issues but in time I am sure it will all be sorted out. I will persevere!

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Tried that first, couldn't see how to easily do it. Went back to basics and found what I needed to do through the General section which gave me the option of doing what I wanted. Thanks again though for trying to help.

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