How do you create 1 quarter rest in the Treble Cleff (F Clef)

• Feb 3, 2019 - 23:39

If you could imagine the measure...there's one note in the Bass Clef, and a quarter rest in the Treble Clef (F Clef) But, every time I insert a rest - or try to - it inserts two quarter rests. And when I select both rests, and try to delete one of them, both of them get deleted. So it's basically, all or nothing...(I think.)

I understand if I had more notes in the measure, that if I added more notes, doing that would convert one of my rests to any note of my choosing.

The thing is, the tempo is 4/4. so every measure needs to have 4 beats per measure. Except the first and the last measure, according to my piano teacher.

I tried to make the rest invisible, but that didn't work.

So, if any of you could help me out with a solution, that'd be great.



It's difficult to answer, and, it's not very clear, you must put a picture or, it's better your score.

Not clear : "a note in the bass cleff" ????? how long ,,
"a quater rest in the treble clef" if there is nothing in the bar , you can't have a quater rest only, you must have a whole rest (4 times)
"treble clef (F clef) " no F clef !!

If you have no severals voices in your work , all is in Voice 1, and in voice 1, you cannot delete a rest

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