Is it possible to evenly space lyrics (and have notes adjust accordingly?)

• Feb 5, 2019 - 16:38

I don't really mind if my notes are easily spaced, but since I am writing a song for kids (to whom the words will be much more relevant) I would like to have the words/ syllables spaced evenly, rather than haphazardly based on the spacing of the notes and length of the syllable. I have tried messing with horizontal offsets of both the notes and the lyrics, but this has not been a complete solution: sometimes when I adjust the offset of the lyric, instead of moving the word, it just ends up shifting the note instead (I guess the programming thinks I just want to move the lyric relative to the note, so moving the note accomplishes the same task, from the program's perspective). Anything else I can do? Thank you!


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I tried using those keys, but I'm not sure what they would do. I am using a mac. I have attached an example, but really any piece with lyrics will show you what I mean: the notes are spaced based on rhythm and the lyrics accordingly. I would rather have the lyrics spaced in a readable manner (you sometimes see vocal scores written this way) and the notes arranged accordingly. I wouldn't mind doing the extra leg work of simply adjusting the offset of each lyric, except that that is a very clumsy process in this program: musescore will often not move the lyric but rather the note when I am trying to adjust only the positioning of the lyric- (on the page, not relative to the note). Does that make any sense...? :D Try it out, you might see what I mean.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and examples!! I'll try those out. Hadn't thought of using a text frame in this situation - that might be an easier way to get the words where I want them.

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