Spanish forum names are not totally clear

• Feb 5, 2019 - 21:08

Hi, i have been translating the handbook first pages and noticed the names of the spanish forums are a somewhat vague. In my opinion there should be 4 sections similar to the english one.

  • Discusion general (General Discussion)
  • Soporte y reporte de errores (Support and bug reports)
  • Documentacion
  • Hecho con MuseScore (made with musescore)

Right now there isnt a forum named "support" or anything like that and i should redirect users to a support forum not a "general discussion" one, also the labels(the subtext under the name) are not clear enough, the documentation and the made with musescore forums are full of support questions.

I also noticed many strings are left in english, for example the "Add new forum topic" button is still in english!


Good points. I added a Soporte forum and omitted bug reports as they should end up in the English forum.

You have now also the power to translate the site strings through the Translate button which you will find in the right bottom corner of this site.

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Hi, can you rename the current "preguntas generales" as support? People have been using it for support for years and someone might use it to search for something.
It would be great to have everything layout like the english forum, this how it would look like:

  • Discusión general
  • *Para hablar sobre programas de notación musical y MuseScore

  • Soporte

  • Documentacion

    • Foro para discutir el estado del manual y la documentación de MuseScore.
  • Hecho con MuseScore

    • Muéstranos lo que haz hecho en MuseScore

This is just a translation of the english forum sections.

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