Is it possible to set part scores from the same main score with different written pitches

• Feb 8, 2019 - 09:22

I am writing a flexible ensemble music which means that a single part in the main score can be played by several type of instruments. As I have finished the main score, I am creating part scores. For a single part I need to generate several part scores with differnt written pitches corresponding to each kind of instrument. However I didn't find that Musescore 3 could set the written pitch for each part score seperately.
In fact changing written pitch in the staff/Part properties dialog in the part score tab has no effect (nothing changed when click OK). The only way is to change written pitch in the main score tab, while it will change all the linked part scores.
So my question: Is there any way to change the written pitches of each part score seperately without affecting the souce main score or other part score from the same source? Thanks a lot for help.


In your "main score" notate all the parts for all the several types of instruments; then, if the clarinet will not be used on a particular performance, go to Edit -> Instruments and make that part (staff) invisible in the "main score".

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Thanks for your help. That's really a possible way except one problem on synchronization. If I made a change on one part in the main score, I have to make the same change on each of the other invisible parts of the same notation. Anyway, it is one workable solution, though not perfect.

What you want is not too difficult using what jm6stringer suggested. You can create an instrument with the correct transposition and then copy all of the notes from one instrument to another and MuseScore will automatically transpose. You can then hide the instruments you don't want displayed in the main score while creating parts for all of the instruments.

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