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• Feb 8, 2019 - 17:28

I am trying to convert the music which I play into scores bij using Musescore 3. My favorite musics are the persian and Arabic. For input and hearing the quartel tones I shoude change the tuning of some notes and that is possible in Musescore but the thing is that the tuning should be done every time again during a single song and that is pretty time-consuming.
If it would be possibble to change the software in a way that the notes tuning changes would remain to the end of input sesstion would be fantastic. thousands of musitions live in middle east and they al would be greateful if such a development would take place in this a awesome software. I hope that such a devolpment wil be realized soon.


Could you explain more the problem? If you use the Inspector to change tuning, it should remain changed. if you have a score where you are seeing otherwise, could you please attach it and give steps to reproduce the problem?

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I mean if there is a possibility to add tools for half flat and half sharp notes on the input toolbar then it would be very helpful to trasform the middleast music into scores which makes it easy to hand over the right way of plying it on the oriental keybords by enthusiastic musicians.

The use of quartel notes are very common in Persian and Arabic music. I have added a picture of symboles concerning this which are wel known among the musicians of the region.

In the most idealistic situation it would be fantastic if we could put the tone changing symboles at just the beginning of a song(see attachment) and then Musescore would be able to adjust the tuning of concerned notes automatically during the input. With this provision one can choose in which module of that sort of music wants to write it down. Each module has its own temperament.

There are seven different modules In persian clasic music named Dastgah where the tuning of some notes in each Dastgah are completely different compared with other modules. For example the tuning of the most favorite Dastgah, Shoor, are the tuning of notes as follows:
C- D(-50) - E(-50) - F - G - A(-50) B flat- C

With reagards, Zaheri

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So if I understand correctly, you are talking about key signatures and accidentals specifically? This is indeed an existing request, hopefully it will be implemented some day. I thought you were saying you were using the Inspector to do change the tuning of notes manually but the changes were not being saved. That would be a bug if so.

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