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• Feb 8, 2019 - 18:20

Papa Loves Mambo_All Parts.mscz MuseScore is weak in the area of Lyrics. You have to have a note to match each word. You can skip notes, but that seems to be the only flexibility. I have come up with a couple of options to "strengthen" Lyric input using MuseScore as it is now. I also have a recommendation at the end for a change.

1) Use the TEXT tool to enter the lyrics for voices where words do not align with notes. This puts the words above the stave. If you highlight the text and hit "X", this will flip the words to below the stave. However, using the TEXT tool is very messy.

2) Break up a note into tied shorter timed notes. Say Voice 1 is the melody with words aligning with notes. Try to break up notes in each measure of other voices so that you have the same number of notes in those voices as words in each measure of Voice 1. For example: Say Voice 1 has 4 quarter notes in a given measure, with a word assigned to each quarter note. Say Voice 2 has a whole note in that same measure. Break the whole note into 4 tied quarter notes. Then you can assign a word to each tied quarter note. Still messy.

3) Use one or more periods "." instead of a space to get more than one word under one note. This can be used if entering Lyrics manually or pasting from a file. If you want more than one word under a note, separate the words with one or more periods "." manually or Paste (CNTL "V") a word enter period(s) and hit Paste (CNTL "V") again. Still very messy.

4) I noticed that when entering Lyrics in MuseScore, it skips rests. However, if you highlight the rest then hit CNTL "L", it allows you to enter a word there. It is strange though, the word is lower than normal Lyrics words and I can't move the normal Lyrics Down or the strange Lyrics Up. It also is not a part of the normal Lyrics nor is it a separate voice????

I used a combination of 3 and 4 to enter the Lyrics for "Papa Loves Mambo" attached so you can see.

It would be nice if the Lyrics TOOL did not skip over rests. That way I could eliminate having to use 4) described above.


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Actually a person can't "sing" a word without a pitch, so musescore will skip the rests when you input lyrics.
For those more than one word in one note, it's better to divide the note into two halves.
Are you trying the person playing accordion sing at the same time? It's better to make a separate voice and lyrics for him/her as the lyrics' rhythm may not match the accordion's.
If inputting "Papa loves mambo,", it's better to type "Pa-pa loves mam-bo,". For ties, there's no need to type "__".
There's a feature called mixer by pressing F10. Tap the instrument and select the patch change it to "Choir Aahs" is the default.
I hope you find this helpful!

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