mirabilos’ shortcuts and a cut-down workspace focused on vocal pieces

• Feb 14, 2019 - 18:26

I’d like to present to you my shortcuts for MuseScore 3, which is the default QWERTY ones plus five new ones:

  • # for ♯
  • = for ♮
  • - for ♭
  • ( for add-brackets
  • ) for no-beam

I’ve also begun cobbling together a workspace. I started clean, from the master palette only, but orientated myself on it and the advanced one, only kept away stuff I’m not using, or that I have covered otherwise (e.g. no Accidentals because I have them in shortcuts or in the toolbar). For rarely-used things I can use the master palette anyway. This makes the individual palettes much shorter, so I can keep several of them open without having to scroll all that much. For this, I also moved Lines to the bottom. I combined “Breaths & Pauses” and “Grace Notes” to “Atempausen & Vorhalte” (since this string is not in the original, I had to translate it myself, and it cannot be localised, unfortunately). All ornaments are baroque by default (e.g. trills start on the upper side-note)!

This is my first attempt at doing so, and it’s basically the public beta. I’ll gladly accept feedback and possible improvements on it. On http://www.mirbsd.org/music/Mscore3/mirabilos.workspace.xml you can see the (current) souce code, but I’ve attached a compiled .workspace file made with my generator script.

As for toolbars: I cut those down enough so I could combine them on one single line instead of two, to save on vertical screen space (even though the dropdowns make it still much too large). My laptop display is 1024×768 px on 12″, in case you wonder why (and this is what I normally work with, all the time; in fact, I’ve exchanged the 21″ monitor I was given when I started my job by a much smaller one, to keep the 4:3 aspect ratio and general dimensions and pixel sizes). The basic idea here is: I have stuff like 1‥9 and . (lengths), 0 (pause), the three standard accidentals, + (tie), etc. on shortcuts, so I don’t need them up there. I kept some (e.g. the voices) because they are visual indicators.

As for styles… I’ve not yet adopted mine for MuseScore 3. This is going to be immensely painful. But I thought I’d post the shortcuts and workspace already. I’ve not yet made a score with these, and it’s going to take some getting used to, and probably a few cycles or refinement…

I’ll provide a screenshot here…


… although this is with one of my old MuseScore 2 scores which I haven’t adopted to v3 yet (I have no v3 score yet), and only some of them open. I switched to English for the screenshot… and, given how the German translations in v3 are seemingly much longer (and sometimes too wide for the dialogue boxen) I’m considering staying with English now… huh…

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mirabilos.workspace 3.56 KB


I had to make a change (can’t update the .workspace file in here any more, but you can download the latest workspace XML file anyway):


… is needed in both the “Crescendo line” and “Diminuendo line” HairPin elements, because, unlike hairpins, they don’t show up Above otherwise ☹

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