Is there a fix?: Accurate playback of transposing instruments in orchestral scores.

• Feb 15, 2019 - 05:01

I have made several orchestral scores and i have to turn off transposable instruments by turning on concert pitch mode. This solves the problem of playback (there are no wrong notes in the synthesized performance), but the score doesn't look like the original because i have to move the notes of the transposing instruments. Is there any plans of fixing it so that when you copy/make an orchestral score like the prelude to Act 1 of Die Walküre and the transposing instruments are there and look like the original score, but the playback doesn't have any wrong notes? Are there any problems with ambiguity that would make this impossible to implement? I would be very grateful if this was fixed. Thanks


You don't understand how it works. If you enter anything while concert pitch is on, it comes out in concert pitch. If you turn off concert pitch, then anything you enter is transposed. There are no problems with ambiguity. Let MuseScore do all of the transposition for you. When you look at most scores, they are already transposed, so make sure you have transposed pitch turned on.

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